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Hello, and welcome to our online store.

My wife Jasmine (Squirrel) and I (Darren) have been gardening and seed saving together for around ten years and we love it, the varieties we have for sale here are mostly grown ourselves in our organic, chemical free, Permaculture inspired gardens. We have grown, tried and tested many varieties, but here you will just find our personal favourites. We don't have the largest selection, however the seed in our seedbank is of the highest quality. 

Life-Force Seeds was borne as a Husband & Wife having the same passion for self-sufficiency, eco-systems and seed itself. Seed is a perfect thing in all ways, the potential and data held within a single seed is mind-blowing to us, we are seed nerds! We quickly discovered how abundant plants were in seed production and had enough for a lifetime in two years, so we created a brand and started offering our seed for sale at our local nursery. More and more people wanted our seed, our seedbank grew and so here we are.

If you have a variety you feel is a must have, be sure to let us know about it. A lot of our favourites were by word-of-mouth, or seed given to us. Particularly interested in those rare Heirlooms. Also if you have an old Heirloom and wanted it to be presserved and kept safe in our seed bank as back up or put on the market please contact me. I would encourage all to keep an eye out, ask your grandparants if they have Heirloom seeds, these Heirlooms are disapearing quickly and once there gorne thats it.

We are always looking to work with local organic growers to supply seed. Please contact us to discuss.


  • Darren Holding moster prize winning Green Hubbard Pumpkin
  • Old Heirloom Favourites

  • Discover a whole new dimension of flavour.
  • Discover a whole new world of colour and beauty

  • Create your own Garden Of Eden

  • Tried and True Varieties

Old Heirloom Favourites

Discover a whole new dimension of flavour. Tomato, Costoluto Genoveve

Discover a whole new world of colour and beauty

Heirloom Beetroot Mix

Create your own Garden Of Eden

Tried and True Varieties

Our personal recommendations.

Pumpkin Gramma Trombone

Pumpkin seeds

Zucchini, Tromboncino


Watermelon, Blacktail Mountain

Blacktail Mountain seeds

Chilli, Cayenne Long Thin

Chilli, Cayenne Long Thin

Radish French Breakfast

Radish French Breakfast

Zucchini Lebanese

Zucchini Lebanese

Cucumber, Richmond River Green Apple

Richmond River seeds

Kale, Cavolo Nero

Kale, Cavolo Nero

Heirloom v's Open-Pollinated v's Hybrids v's GMO

We get a lot of questions, are any of your seeds GMO? Short answer is no, genetically modified seed as far as I know is only available commercially and is closely monitored. I would be surprised if anybody could find GMO seed on the domestic market.

What are hybrids? Hybridization happens naturally in nature all the time. For example, we’ve had a Butternut cross with a Jap pumpkin, the Jap grew normally but the gene pool of the seed is a mixture of the two. The seed that grew from the Jap was a funny looking pumpkin that is now a hybrid of the two, I called it a Japanut. There is nothing wrong with it except the gene pool is random and erratic for many generations thereafter, it takes a lot effort to stabilized new varieties with a desired quality.  So, if you buy a hybrid it’s safe to eat, but you can’t save the seeds and expect the same as the parent. Hybrids are usually developed for certain commercial and production qualities, in most cases flavour and texture come second.

Heirlooms on the other hand, some where once hybrids, some developed over time in certain cultures and so over many generations of selective seed saving the gene pool is almost 100% stable with the desired qualities. Back in the day vegetables were grown for qualities such as flavour, texture, productivity, attractiveness and climate suitability, that’s why they taste and look amazing.

Open pollinated varieties you hear about are basically non-hybrids, when open-pollinated varieties are keeped from cross pollinateing with other varieties of the same species the seed that sets will be “true to type” or the same as the parent.

Heirlooms are also open pollinated but are old varieties developed and passed down many generations, for example San Mazono and Roma Tomatoes, same bush type prolific Italian sauce tomatoes but grown in different regions and so developed slightly different characteristics. Open-Pollinated are newer varieties with a stable Gene pool.