About our seeds

The term organic used on the site is referring to the methods of gardening the plants were grown, every process in the production from seed to seed and the type of seed we use (open-pollinated).  All our seed is grown, saved, processed and packed by hand.

We have not yet pursued organic cetification.

We go to great lengths to ensure our seed is grown and processed in the most loving or ethical ways possible and are always looking at ways to improve, our desire is to have a business that improves the environment and enriches our ecosystems. The focus in our garden is on building humus and soil life, from that we build self-supporting ecosystems. 

We would encourage all home gardens to have a mindset of not what you can take from your gardens but how you can give to it, and not create gardens per se, but have the mindset to create an eco-system. Feed any eco-system abundantly of what it needs such as food, water and shelter and it will give back in abundance. The bigger and more diverse an eco-system, the more balanced it becomes.

We don't use any form of controls, poisons or chemicals even if they are certified organic. We rely on diversity to balance out any infestations like aphids and rely on plant health to fight off any disease. We will let the crop fail before we use insecticide of fungicides. 

All our seed is tested for germination percentage and quality and are guaranteed to be viable. When you buy from Life-Force Seeds you can be sure you are buying the best seed possible. 

All our seed is stored in a specially designed above ground mud cellar to ensure correct storage conditions.

To help prolong your seed’s viability, we recommend storing them in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. Heat, temperature fluctuations, and moisture tend to degrade seed viability more readily. 

The location of our business is at the Little Ladybird Plant Nursery, 164 Bridge Street, Uralla NSW 2358. so please call in if you happen to be in Northern New South Wales 

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us or see our gardens for yourself on our Facebook page.