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Aeonium haworthii tricolour- Kiwi

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Aeonium haworthii tricolour

Also known as Aeonium 'Kiwi'.

An upright shrub with small rosettes that grow on woody stems. Leaves are fleshy, spoon-shaped, and come to a point at the end. It can grow up to 50cm tall.

The rosettes are brilliantly coloured with green outer leaves and variegated centre leaves of pale yellow. Margins can vary from pink to dark red. The rosettes can develop a strong pink hue, and all colours will brighten if grown in the sun. Pale yellow flowers will appear in spring.

Happy in either a full sun or part shade position.

Supplied as bare roots from 100mm pot.

Aeonium haworthii tricolour- Kiwi - LifeForce Seeds
Aeonium haworthii tricolour- Kiwi


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