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Bean Climbing, Hidatsa Shield

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Bean Climbing, Hidatsa Shield (P. Vulgaris)

This bean originated with the Hidatsa Indian Tribe of the Missouri River Valley in North Dakota. The Indians grew this pole bean in their cornfields. They planted the corn first, once it was a few inches in height, they planted the Hidatsa beans at the base of each corn stalk. Normally 3-4 Hidatsa seeds per corn stalk. Then they planted Squash, this is called 'Three Sisters method'.  This is how that works out...the corn gives the beans something to grow on. The Hidatsa beans fix nitrogen at the base of the corn, helping these hungry corn plants grow. And squash leaves are shading ground to save moisture and suppress weeds as living mulch. Hidatsa beans are productive and make a great crop of dried beans for Winter storage stocks. It has creamy texture with excellent flavour. Ideal in soups and for baking.

Plant type:  Tender Annual

Sow when:  Spring, min. soil temp. 18˚c

Sow where:  Direct

Spacing:  Plants 15-20cm Rows 50cm

Position:  Full sun

Harvest:  80- 90 days

Seeds per package: 20

Bean Climbing, Hidatsa Shield - LifeForce Seeds
Bean Climbing, Hidatsa Shield


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