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Garlic Dunganski (2 bulbs)

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Garlic Dunganski

Hardneck Garlic, strongly bolting

Standard Purple Stripe Group

Produces medium to large bulbs

Champion Trophy Award winner for the Royal Find Food Awards in Australia

Grows best in cool to cold climates, however, grows reasonably well in Warm Temperate, Cool Temperate.

Skin colour is quite variable from season to season; purple hue background with vivid purple stripes to white background with light pink- purple stripes.

Garlic flavour:  Sweet, zesty, garlicky flavour and best known for roasting and gets nutty when roasted. Not too overpowering of a garlic flavour, and provides just a savoury flavour.  Wonderful when sautéed.

Harvest: Mid-late Season

Storage: 7- 9 months