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Gourd, Snake

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Gourd, Snake (Lageneria siceraria)

Please be aware there are two kinds of gourds with the common name "Snake" please check the scientific name to be sure you are ordering the correct variety. This variety is in same as the bottle gourd in texture, vine habit, seeds, flavour and still, develops the same hard-shelled fruits used to make water bottles, dippers, spoons, pipes, and many other utensils, containers and musical instruments when mature and cured like the bottle gourd. Actually, the only difference is the shape of the fruit. The fruits of this snake gourd can grow up to 1.5 mtr long and if grown on the ground can curl like a snake, if grown hanging from the vine the fruits will be straight.

Plant type:  Tender  annual

Sow when:  Spring – min. soil temp 21˚c

Sow where:  Punnets or direct

Spacing:  150cm

Position:  Full sun

Harvest:   110-120 days

Seeds per package: 15

Gourd, Snake - LifeForce Seeds
Gourd, Snake


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