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Lettuce Royal Oakleaf Green

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Lettuce, Royal Oakleaf Green (L. sativa)

 A loose leaf lettuce with very attractive, deeply serrated and healthy green leaves. This ‘Cutting’ lettuce can be cut whole about 3cm above the stem or the leaves can be picked individually. Slow to bolt.

Plant type:  Hardy Annual

Sow when:  Autumn-Spring

Sow where:  Punnets

Spacing x Height:  20cm x 20cm

Position:  Part shade/Full sun

Harvest: 40 days

Companion plants: Plant next to high plants so to help shade them from the summer sun. Good companion with celery as they both need lots of water.

Growing Details: Keep soil constantly moist. Fertiliser high in nitrogen. If lettuce is grown too slow the leaves will get bitter.

Seeds per package: 400

Lettuce Royal Oakleaf Green - LifeForce Seeds
Lettuce Royal Oakleaf Green


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