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Lettuce Salad Bowl Red

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Vendor: LifeForce Seeds


Lettuce Seeds, Salad Bowl Red (L. sativa)

Fabulous oak-shaped leaves with red-bronze colour. A crisp, tender, non-hearting variety, making it great for plucking just a few leaves and then left to continue growing.

Plant type:  Hardy Annual

Sow when:  Autumn-Spring

Sow where:  Punnets

Spacing x Height:  20cm x 20cm

Position:  Part shade/Full sun

Harvest: 40 days

Companion plants: Plant next to high plants so to help shade them from summer sun. Good companion with celery as they both need lots of water.

Growing Details: Keep soil constantly moist. Fertiliser high in nitrogen. If lettuce is grown too slow the leaves will get bitter.

Seeds per package: 400

Lettuce Salad Bowl Red - LifeForce Seeds
Lettuce Salad Bowl Red


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