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Rockmelon, Honeydew Green

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Rockmelon, Honeydew Green  (Cucumis Melo)

When picked at just the right time, the homegrown Honeydew melon is soft and super sweet, unlike the crunchy, flavourless ones in the supermarket. Its juicy refreshing flavour makes it a perfect treat on a hot summer’s day. Good source of vitamin C and potassium. Low in calories but high in fibre.

Plant type:  Tender  annual

Sow when:  Spring – min. soil temp 27˚c

Sow where:  Punnets or direct

Spacing x Height:  150 x 50cm

Position:  Full sun

Harvest:   120 days

Seeds per package: 25

Melon, Honeydew Green - LifeForce Seeds
Rockmelon, Honeydew Green


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