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New Zealand Yam (5tubers)

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New Zealand Yam

Also known as Oca, New Zealand Yam (Oxalis tuberosa) is an interesting root vegetable that has its origins in the Andes region of South America.

New Zealand Yam/ Oca tubers are an excellent addition to the perennial food garden. With clove-like leaves that form a rosette and eventually a sprawling ground cover. The tubers are tasty raw in salads for a lemony tang, or cooked. They are high in protein, vitamin C, potassium, and iron.


Plant tubers about 5cm deep covered with soil in a sunny position. In frost areas, plant your tubers once all risk of frost has passed.

Harvest in 15-20 weeks. Leave in the ground until the foliage has completely died down so tubers reach maximum size.

Space x Height:  30 - 45 cm x 40 -50 cm


New Zealand Yam (5tubers) - LifeForce Seeds
New Zealand Yam (5tubers)


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