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Nigella damascena, Miss Jackll

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Nigella damascena, Miss Jackll  (Nigella damascena)

Nigella Miss Jekyll produces an abundance of large semi-double sky-blue flowers 4cm across. After the flower fades it produces decorative seed pods that are often used in dried arrangements. Nigellas are the classic cottage garden annual and make fabulous cut flowers and are easy to grow. 

Plant type:  Hardy annual 

Sow when:   Early Spring, Autumn

Sow where: direct seed recommended

Spacing x Height:  20- 30cm x 50cm

Position:  Full sun to part shade 

Flowering: Summer to Autumn

Growing days: 12 weeks

Growing Details:  Cover lightly with soil.  Sow 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Plants are sensitive to root disturbance. 

Seeds per package: 300

Nigella damascene, Miss Jackll - LifeForce Seeds
Nigella damascena, Miss Jackll


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