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Spinach Ceylon/ Malabar Red Stem

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Spinach, Ceylon/ Malabar Red Stem (Basella alba 'Rubra') 

Also, known as Malabar spinach or Indian spinach. This vigorous climbing vine thrives in hot and humid summer. It produces dark, thick glossy leaves with a mild taste like Swiss chard. A great alternative to traditional spinach in the summer season. Grown as an annual in cold climates.

Plant type:  Tender perennial 

Sow when: Spring after danger of frost has passed

Sow where:  Punnets/ direct  

Spacing x Height: 40cm x 2-3m

Position: Full sun

Harvest: 70 days

Seeds per package: 30

Spinach Ceylon/ Malabar Red Stem - LifeForce Seeds
Spinach Ceylon/ Malabar Red Stem


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