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Spinach Giant Noble

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Spinach, Giant Noble (Spinacia oleracea)

Giant noble spinach produces abundant large, thick green leaves with excellent flavor and Its sugar-sweet stems that become sweeter with colder weather. Introduced in the Netherlands in 1926, it was an "All American Selection" winner in 1933 and remains its popularity even today.

Plant type: Annual

Sow when: Early Spring, Autumn

Sow where:  Punnets/ direct  

Spacing x Height: 30 cm x 60 cm

Position: Full sun/ Partial shade

Harvest: 50 days

Growing Details: Sow spinach seeds in Spring or Autumn. Spinach germinates best in cool soil. Spinach is a heavy feeder and has shallow roots, so keep the soil moist, cool and mulch well. If the seeds are sown in soil over 30 °C, resulting in low or erratic germinations.

Seeds per package: 100