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Sweet Corn True Gold

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Vendor: Life Force Seeds
Size: A packet (40 Seeds)


Sweet Corn, True Gold (Zea mays) 

True Gold produces large corn cobs 20-23cm long that have golden-yellow kernels with excellent flavour. There is no shortage of flavour compared to modern hybrid corns. It is sweet and juicy enough. It is super delicious either cooked or raw. 2-3 corn cobs per plant.  A personal favourite. 

Plant type:  Tender  annual

Sow when:  Spring –Sum. min. soil temp 16˚c

Sow where:  Direct,

Spacing x Height : 30cm x 1.5- 1.8m 

Position:  Full sun

Harvest:   70-85days


Seeds per packet: 40

Approx. 500 seeds per 100g

Sweet Corn True Gold - LifeForce Seeds
Sweet Corn True Gold
Caret Down

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