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Tomato, Mini Roma Truss

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Vendor: Life Force Seeds


Tomato, Mini Roma Truss (S. Lycopersicum)

Mini Roma Truss produces small, roma-shape cherry tomatoes that are carried in neat, compact trusses. It bears small bite size tomatoes that are sweet and juicy. Excellent all round tomato. Perfect for salads and cooking. Good resistance to cracking and Heavy cropper.

Plant type:  Frost tender annual

Sow when:  Spring – min. soil temp 18˚c

Sow where:  Punnets

Spacing x Height:  60cm x 150cm

Position:  Full sun

Harvest:  70 days

Seeds per package: 60

Tomato, Mini Roma Truss - LifeForce Seeds
Tomato, Mini Roma Truss


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