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Tomato, Wapsipinicon Peach

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Tomato, Wapsipinicon Peach (S. lycopersicum)

The Wapsipinicon Peach tomato originated with Elbert S. Carman in 1890 under the name White Peach. This strain came from Dennis Schlicht and is named after the Wapsipinicon River in northeast Iowa. This gorgeous tomato`s skin is like velvet. The fruit is golf ball size with beautiful creamy yellow colour. The tomato is juicy with a fruity sweet flavour. Very yummy.

Plant type:  Frost tender annual

Sow when:  Spring – min. soil temp 18˚c

Sow where:  Punnets

Spacing x Height:  60cm x 150cm

Position:  Full sun

Harvest:   70 days 

Seeds per package: 50

Tomato, Wapsipinicon Peach - LifeForce Seeds
Tomato, Wapsipinicon Peach


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