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Zinnia, Zinderella Lilac

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Vendor: Life Force Seeds


Zinnia, Zinderella Lilac (Zinnia elegans)

The Zinderella family of zinnias has fluffy, frilly double blooms like scabiosa flowers. This gorgeous zinnia has tightly clustered pincushion petals above and longer, daisy like petals circle around it. It blooms fully double, semi double, and a small percentage of single flowers.

between. Absolutely exquisite!   

Plant type:  Annual

Sow when:  Spring (Cool climate)

                     Spring - Summer (Frost free area)

Sow where:  Punnets or direct

Spacing x Height:  30cm x 60- 80cm

Position:  Full sun

Harvest:   75 -85 days


Seeds per package: 20
Zinnia, Zinderella Lilac - LifeForce Seeds
Zinnia, Zinderella Lilac


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